Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dessert for less than a dollar!

A year ago, I had never tasted a plantain. I have never been a huge banana fan, I'm more of a strawberry girl, but I now realize the error of my ways! I found a plantain recipe in a Mexican cookbook, and for some reason, even though it had no picture and wasn't even a vegan recipe, it stuck in my head. One day, walking through the grocery store, I saw that plantains were only 54 cents each. So, I bought some and have made this awesome dessert many, many times since then. Some small grocery stores will even sell plantains at 5 for a dollar when are black and ripe. This dessert is so good, it seems impossible that it's so cheap! Since my children love this dessert, it goes quickly!

Start with ripe black gross-looking plantains. Don't be afraid, they are supposed to look like this. (Also, be prepared to explain to people why you have rotten bananas in your kitchen if you have company over.)

Carefully take the skin off and cut into pieces:

Heat the griddle and rub the surface with the tiniest bit of butter. Place the plantain pieces on the griddle and sprinkle cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla on top. Turn them once and reduce heat. They are done pretty quickly, so don't walk away from them!

I usually add chopped walnuts and top with powdered sugar, but I didn't have either on hand. No matter, these yummy things are still just as good.

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