Monday, June 1, 2009

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

This article on orange juice got me thinking about how high we have processed juices on pedestals. I personally am guilty of making my family juice addicts. Due to the enormous cost of feeding my family, I have resorted to buying frozen juice concentrates to save a buck or two. The best thing about summer though, is being able to make lemonade all summer long... too bad it goes so quickly!

Making fresh-squeezed lemonade sounds like hard work, but it is so worth it! Also, when you calculate the cost of making your own versus buying juice at the store, making your own is less than half the cost of even the nasty cheap store-brand "fruit-flavored" drink that you can get.

This shouldn't really be considered a recipe, but I'll tell you how I make lemonade:

I take about five medium sized lemons trying to avoid the ones with lots of green on them:

Then, I cut them in half, and cut a smaller slice off of each lemon and put it the slices in a container of any kind (I like to use non-plastic ones because they are easier to clean). I squeeze the juice out of the lemons in a bowl, run it through a strainer, and add water to the container.
Last, I add sugar (the amount will vary depending on how much juice you got from the lemons and your personal preference). I recommend putting in like half a cup for a big container than adjust from there. I usually have to test the lemonade for sweetness a couple times.


P.S. I have also made watermelon juice, cantaloupe juice, and orange juice... but it's been a while. Does anybody have any juice recipes/ideas to share?

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