Saturday, May 23, 2009

What made me become vegan?

I'm not sure what made me stop eating meat. This question definitely comes up quite a bit. People want to to know why?

I can't say that I ever have a good answer (or the same answer for that matter). But I do know that there was one thing that made a significant difference in my view of food, exercise, and health.

Last year, Oprah was doing a detox diet and it made the news. Many doctors don't think that detox diets are helpful or safe, and were coming down on her for promoting one. Well, I have never done a detox diet before, but the thought has always been intriguing. I'm not even a big Oprah fan, but the book seemed to be about more than just a fad diet.

She got the idea from a book that she read and recommended:

Quantum Wellness: A Practical Guide to Health and Happiness

I ordered it from, and I couldn't believe how much sense it made to me. It was like everything that I knew about health and dieting, but that no one had ever put into one book. I did try the detox and I think I have continued to eat according to the book's recommendations. It even has some recipes that I have tried in the back to help you do the the detox diet.

Check it out if you get a chance =)

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