Monday, August 9, 2010

Very Berry Plus Cherry Pie!

I made this pie up last night and I could not be any prouder of it. The flavors are insane!
I bought a bunch of organic fruit from the grocery store this week. The bad thing about organic (maybe this a myth?) is that I feel like it goes bad sooner. Maybe they aren't sprayed with special preservatives that other non-organics are sprayed with? I don't know. I opened my fridge, and there were my sad little organic blueberries gone bad. I called my mom to gripe (yes, I call my mom to gripe about *every* single thing in my day), and since she's omnipotent, she says, "I froze little bags of organic blueberries for you and they are in your freezer." I was so happy!

So, I prepared my filling first... why? I don't know why. I just did.


First, get your pie pan. Figure out how many cups of fruit you will need to put a layer on it. I have a tart pan... so it's pretty big, but not tall. You should use a 9" round if you have one. I used about 3 cups of fruit. I easily could have done 4.

Fruit I used:
6 oz container of fresh raspberries
10 oz baggie of frozen blueberries
couple handfuls of fresh cherries (these suckers were HARD to pit!)
Add 3/4 cup of sugar ( used dememara sugar)
Add 2 Tbsp of cornstarch
Add 1-2 Tbsp of lemon juice


1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
1/2 cup of veggie butter (like Smart Balance)
Few Tbsps of cold water

Here are the directions for the dough....  note that their ingredients for the dough are different.

It's pretty simple, the premise being that you need to make sure you don't handle the dough too much, and that it is kept cold at all times. I probably didn't follow the directions perfectly (I'm impatient!), but the crust came out fine.

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Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Kris